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Lene Berentzen

I was born in Norway and diagnosed as a diabetic at the age of 10. I searched for a way to take back my life for over 25 years until I finally found something that actually works. Now I have made it my life mission to help others conquer disease and get healthy. 

A higher quality of life with a better version of YOU

I am a strong believer in food as your medicine. The food choices we make will either keep us in a diseased state and kill us slowly, or give us a prolonged life in health and joy.

Course Benefits Section

I have designed a course specifically for people with diabetes of any kind. In this course I will teach you knowledge  that the doctors never could give me, and that I wish I had found along time ago.

Balanced blood sugar

In my course you will get guidance to a lower and more balanced blood sugar without adding insulin or other medication. 

Reduce inflammation

Having an autoimmune condition makes you higher at risk for inflammation in the body.  However, the right lifestyle choices can eliminate this risk all together.

Better cognitive function

One of the ripple effects of a more balanced blood sugar is that your cognitive functions increase, which makes it easier to keep your focus and concentrate. 

More energy

You can also expect your energy to increase when following the guidelines in my course. Just one item on the list of fantastic side effects.

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“The quality of your life depends on the quality of your mindstate and your nutrition.”

Balance your internal system

To be healthy your internal system needs to have the right environment to thrive. You are responsable for providing the body what it needs to do its natural tasks. Though balancing your internal system is so much more then just balancing your nutrition.

take a break

Getting in the habit of taking a break from your everyday busy life, is easier then you think, and fare more beneficial then you can imagine. Taking a break does not mean you get less done, it means you charge yourself so you get more done with less resistance. 


"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food."


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