January 11

Back to reality.


The time came where my Christmas Holliday was over too, and I am in writing moment on my way back to Tønsberg. What better way to spend a bit of my hours here writing to you guys. This train ride is full of people taking pictures, both Norwegians and tourists, and I it is very beautiful, but when you have taken the same train trip almost a thousand times, it tends to get a bit old. This time I have looked a bit outside since all the snow makes the nature so much different looking then usual. I am now almost half way to where I need to change trains to get all the way home, and the rest of these hours I will watch a movie on my Mac. Train movie this time is the movie called Sisters, just watch a little (half) trailer of it, hope its good, or at least somewhat entertaining. When I traveled to Bergen two weeks ago I watched Revenant with my boyfriend, and if you have not checked out that movie with Leonardo De Caprio, you absolutely should. I found the movie very strong and emotional, and even though (I think) the movie is over 2.5 hours long I was not bored a second. This is a great movie to have up your sleeve at your next movie night or date night.

kaldnes sunset I am now as every year at this time, ready for spring. I am not made for living the winter and my heart melts when I see pictures like this from the summer. Probably part of the charm of spring and summer is to dream a little about it and look forward to it when its dark and snowy out. Dont think I would even appreciate it as much if I was not forced to wait for it, though I have been thinking for soooo many years that I should move somewhere with allot nicer winters, and by nice I mean as little snow and cold as possible. Spring is not the only thing I am missing and craving right now, I also miss my dear  other half. He took the train home 10 days ago to work and I cant way to see him again, only 4 hours left till I get to hug him at the train station in Tønsberg.


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4 vegger.

4 vegger.

Nytt medlem i crewet.

Nytt medlem i crewet.
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