January 14

Striving for perfection.


A new year, means new (and hopefully some good) series on tv (or anywhere else), and tonight I watched one of Tv2´s new series for this year called “Sykt Perfekt”, and it really made an impression on me. If you did not watch it, it´s about a group of young girls all feeling the pressure of society and social media to be perfect. They are all struggling in their own way to have the perfect life that either they think they need to have or they feel society expects them to have. It´s crazy how much I could relate to allot of what these girls are going through. I felt like I could pick bits and peaces from almost all of them and put it together, and there you would have me. The things I did not relate to I think is because of my age and my life experience, but if I was to be their age now, I would probably be one of them. It is scary how social media can make people feel so crappy about them selves or their lives, just by seeing others live picture perfect lives. This pressure is extreme, and specially for kids and young adults growing up today. They see accounts on social media that are so perfect (and usually totally fake) its like a dream, and they do anything to live this dream them selves, to the point where they get sick and suffer. We need to remind ourselves that if something seems to good to be true, it usually is, and we need to look up to those who don´t always post the best selfies or have the perfect body or whatever it is that fancies you on social media, they are the brave once. We need to look up to REAL people. Trust me I know it´s not easy, and I have absolutely felt the pressure myself, specially the pressure to do good and be successful in life, when all I really want is to be good enough for me and be happy with that. I am going to tell you more about my experience with hitting the wall another day.

So who can actually define whats perfect anyway? And those who strive for perfection, do they ever get there? Or is it a constant race after something you will never reach?

Did you watch the show? What do you think? If you missed it this week it´s on every Wednesday at 21.40 on Tv2.



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4 vegger.

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