February 4

This is Luna, my new baby.


Sorry for the silence lately, but I have been a bit distracted the last week or so. We got a new puppy! Is she not the cutes thing ever. After loosing Roya this October I felt it was finally time now for a new dog in my life. Luna is a pomeranian mix, and I got her from a family in Sandnes. We fell in love with her the minuet we saw her, and last weekend I travelled to Stavanger to pick her up. By the way I was out flying the day there was a huge storm on the west coast, and it´s the worste thing I have ever experienced. Never been so close to actually thinking this is the end of me, but thank God I made it. After experiencing that hour of horror and surviving, I feel I have gotten a new chance on life in some way. Very happy that me and Luna took the train home.


I am already so in love with this little creature. She is a very contrast to the dog I had, which was very though and not afraid of anything, Luna is more reserved and shy. It´s been so long since I had a little puppy that it´s a little scary, but the fact that I have done it before makes me allot more calm and sure of what to do, and a few things not to do. We are having so much fun, she is so cute and so funny, and she is in for a life with lots of love and care.

baby Luna


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4 vegger.

4 vegger.

Nytt medlem i crewet.

Nytt medlem i crewet.
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