March 31

Baby Luna update


This Saturday my dear puppy Luna will be 4 months old. I have had her for half her life now and I could not have asked for a better dog. She has grown to twice the size she was when she came to us and has passed 3,5 kg, she is so loving and caring, very obedient and understands allot for her age. I get allot of complements on how beautiful she is and I could not agree more.


2 months

It has really been good for me to have a dog in my life again and I am so happy that Luna came and made me fall in love with her. I am looking forward to having this beauty by my side for many years to come. After loosing Roya I never thought it would feel the same to love another dog but this sweetheart has really melted my heart in the short time I have known her.

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