March 27

Easter bunnies.


I hope all of you have had and still are having a good easter holiday. I have had a serious need to just be alone with my thoughts this easter, just be me and have some down time without having to consider the time, the phone or other people. I have spent some time with my boyfriend and allot of walks and cuddles with my puppy, but other then that I have just decompressed by my self. In addition to thinking and getting my thoughts in order (as good as you can in a few days) I have also had a few serious Netflix marathons.


I was planning on using my easter holiday to catch up on my school work, but I was just not ready, haven´t had the right mindset to do it, I guess I really needed to mentally work a few things out before I could get to it, but I´m ready now.

I have also started some new medication this week so have really felt my body struggling to get used to this new stuff Im giving it. Had allot of side effects the first days, but hopefully it will pass.

I hope you have done a bit more fun stuff then me this easter, I did not even get an easter egg, though thats probably for the best cause of my diabetes and not to mention my waistline LOL

Peace out to all of the easter bunnies out there <3


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