March 17

I feel lost.


I feel lost… without my own phone. Yes, I heard it and it sounds so idiotic that I´m ashamed to even say it. When I was in Bergen recently I had to turn in my phone to get something fixed and I cant believe I even agreed to it. It made me go into a sort of panic mode cause it all happened so fast. I got a loner phone (after looking for an old one at my parents house with n luck and then going back to where I left mine) but it´s a crappy old thing that I can only call and text with, no Instagram, no snapchat, no nothing.

I never thought in my life that I would be the type of person that would feel this way for not having my phone. I know that for allot of us the case is that we use way too much time some times on our phones, and I´m not one of them. Yes I take pictures obviously since I blog, and I Instagram and snap during the day, but I can also easily forget to check my phone for several hours. I guess for me the phone dependency changed after I became more active on social media and after I started the blog. Thankfully I still have my Mac so I can write to you guys and I also have my camera so I can still take pictures.

For some of you this might seem like a garbage blog post, but I think that for allot of you it´s something you can relate to big time, and some of you maybe a bit too much 😛

So FYI, if you are pissed at me for not responding to your snap this last week I have not cut you out of my life, I´m just smartphoneless at the monemt.



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