March 1

I respect the shit out of people.


I respect the shit out of people that have their shit together at all times, even the people that just seem like they do.(sorry for the shit talk but I have had a shitty day) Takes allot of work and strength to be the type of person that can just figure anything out, solve any problem in their life and master any task. Ive seen people stare death in the face with a smile and a positive attitude, people who don´t have money for their next meal that are still smiling just cause they are alive, how are these people wired together? And how is it that some people can face anything and some just crumble under the smallest pressure?


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My pictures in this post is actually from the intro of the series Limitless, Im totally fascinated with the intro and kind of wish I had some limitless pills laying around right now. The last month or so my concentration has been non existing and it is affecting my school work big time. I just cant get anything done. It´s like my brain lost it´s ability to store things, I read and remember nothing after I´m done, it´s so frustrating. Could not be worse timing either, have a huge report due Monday, it´s not looking very good for me. I have had allot going on lately, allot of things that are just draining my energy and I figure this is one of the affects of it. And this is why I wonder why we are so different in dealing with things in our lives. I guess we all are wired differently and are trained (or learn) to master. I would love to be the type of person that could just fix anything, but as of this day I have to admit that I´m not. I am still confident that I can find my way and get to that goal some day. I´m conscious about it and thats a big step. Someone once told me that what´s in your conscious mind, you can do something about, but what´s in your unconscious mind, can do something with you.


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