May 24

Does true love exist?


I am of those kinds of humans that wonder about allot of things, I often find my self just questioning random aspects of life. Today I am thinking about love, not just any love, the big one, true love. Are we all meant to find our one true love? Is it random if we find them or not, depending on how hard we look for them? Are some of us just meant to live life on our own, filling the whole where love was meant to be with other things? Can you even be sure that you are ready for love when you find it, or it finds you? Can we miss our true love if we make a choice in life that changes our path? What if you just don´t believe in true love, can it still find you?

I don´t have the answers to a fraction of the things I wonder about, but I think thats one of the good things about being human. I get to explore my own mind trying to find out what my truth is on the subject. I personally do believe in love, but I don´t think there is only one true love for us, I think some find love and some does not, cause life is just that unfair sometimes. I think there is someone in the world compatible with everyone, it´s just not that easy to get the right people to get together cause there are so many other factors involved then just meeting them. For those who don´t find love in forms of a life partner, love might show up in a different way in your life.  My advice if you haven´t given up on finding your true love, you have to be open to it. If you are distracted or don´t believe, the right one for you might just miss your chance.

Love by Berentzen


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4 vegger.

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