May 18

Hair we go!


Finally I got my long hair back on, just wanted spring to really be here before I did my makeover. I actually bought this hair last summer and just wore it for a few weeks cause it was too hot with all that hair. This is a tape extension from a company in the US called Locks and Bonds. They delivered really fast and the price was not too bad either. I have the lightest color 60 (though I did correct the color a little bit as it comes a bit too yellow for my taste) and I bought the regular remy hair, but they also sell virgin remy hair which is even better in quality. I don´t really remember if i bought 3 or 4 packets of hair, but it might have been 3 since I am not blessed with the thickest hair in the world.

I have had extensions of and on for years, but this time I did everything on my own, coloring of my roots, hair and extensions, as well as putting in the extensions and cutting them.  Kind of the downfall of not working in a salon anymore and can get help from other hairstylists, but I managed the task pretty damn good, if I can say so myself. I really love this hair, think it might be the best I have ever had in my own hair at least.

Having extensions does not come free, it demands a bit of work to make it look good, but I think its sooo worth it, I feel very beautiful and extra feminine with it. If you have any questions about extensions, feel free to write to me. I´ll leave you a link here to Locks and Bonds if you want to check out what they have to offer.

Long hair by Berentzen



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