May 2

Vegan once again.


I have decided to go vegan once again, much thanks to two very inspiring people in the vegan community. The first is of course Freelee the banana girl, which I have talked about before. She is the one that got me interested in rawtill4 and the high carb low fat way of eating. The other person that have inspired me in making up my mind about this is Mindful diabetic Robby (you can find a link to his Youtube channel here) He has diabetes type1 like me and I discovered that he uses the same type of insulin as me which made me think getting the same results as him within reach.

I have over the years experimented with a few different ways of eating, and tried to read my body as good as I am capable, to see how my diabetes is affected and the rest of me as well. The reason for my experiments is that over the years I have come to see that the knowledge that you get from most diabetes doctors here in Norway is just not good enough. If you take a look out in the world, you will find that you can expand your mind quite fast if you are open to it.

A high carb vegan diet is the way of eating that gives you the most energy, and it is great for those who have problems with portion control, since you can eat a much higher volume of food. This diet (best of all for me) gives you a very high sensitivity to insulin, which is what I need. Want to keep that insulin as low as possible so the waistline can go down a bit as well. I am looking forward to that carb energy you get from this diet, been soooo tired lately that it´s not even funny, can´t keep my eyes open to save my own life some days. I have been eating low carb for a few months and something is just off with me, so I have to change it up to see if I can sort it out.


There are of course (not for everyone, but for me at least) not only health reasons for why Im going vegan again, there are also the ethical reasons which is always in the back of my head these days. I have always loved animals and it feels wrong, and specially when we today have so much knowledge of how horrible the food industry is to the animals, a sane person would not support killing animals.

I don´t know at this point if I am now vegan for life, wish I could say I was, but time will tell. Hopefully I will find a way for everything to come together so I can enjoy life like it is meant to.

Love by Berentzen.


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4 vegger.

4 vegger.

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Nytt medlem i crewet.
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