June 14

Have no fear, I am here!


So I have been out of town for a while, I know thats not a good enough excuse for a blogger not to blog, but I have actually been working on a short film, which is something I love to do, and don´t get to do that often. And the reason for no blog update is that it´s been crazy hours of work, but have no fear, now I´m here.

I have had so much fun doing this film. I was not in charge of doing the makeup, only hair with styling and cutting, and a little special effects. I always get a little nervous when I have a big makeup job, cause I don´t do it that much anymore, but this was just a dream. I can do hair in my sleep, and special effects makeup is just FUN!

quinoa burger

Quinoa burger at Hard Rock Cafe, amazing by the way!

 Opera Oslo

Vegetarian pizza

Vegetarian pizza from Peppes.

Last week was amazing in allot of ways. Good food, good work, traveling, fun people and good experiences. Only problem I have is that I have been way too social, so now I need to have some me time. Think a Netflix marathon and a home spa night is in my very near future, and I think I have earned it. Im a person that loves her own company, and can enjoy myself allot just being by myself, though I am very social. I need a good mix of (good) people around me as well as alone time, or else I will go crazy. Well I better get back to doing some school work, have an awesome Tuesday peeps!

Food and love by Berentzen.


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