June 24

Yet another year


So I survived to 32 as well, who would have thought 😛 My birthday celebration for this year has been very light, so to speak. I had a little wine and dancing with my girl Sarah the weekend before my day and on my birthday I had a very nice and fun day with my boyfriend and my baby Luna (who is not baby anymore)

I would like to thank everyone who made my day special by sending a message or calling to congratulate me, I am thankful to the core of my being to have you in my life. And who doesnt love birthdays when we have Facebook? Sooo many birthday wishes from people you don´t usually talk to, its awesome.

Bilde tatt 08.10.15 kl. 19.17 #2

Bilde tatt 08.10.15 kl. 19.17

Bilde tatt 08.10.15 kl. 19.17 #4

I just had to share some goofy pictures, cause this kind of describes the mood we where in on my birthday. Hope my boyfriend does´nt kill me when he sees what I have shared with you LOL

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend, do some


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4 vegger.

4 vegger.

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Nytt medlem i crewet.
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