July 21

Cross my heart.



I reasently got a little package from a website called korspaahjertet.com They sell allot of different accessories and jewelry. This site is perfect if you want something simple, sweet and not too expensive, perfect to find a little gift for a friend. They have allot of things in the love category (which is their specialty) and even some religious, for those who are into that. This is a Norwegian company and I don´t know if they ship outside of Norway (for my readers in other countries) but contact them and ask if you are interested. They ship very fast and they have allot of good offers. I´ll leave a link at the bottom of the bracelets I am wearing, and they are also handmade by the way.




Link to Pink bracelet

Link to Black bracelet


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4 vegger.

4 vegger.

Nytt medlem i crewet.

Nytt medlem i crewet.
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