July 27

Why are men pigs?


Last weekend me and my girl, Sarah went out Saturday night to dance and have a good time like we always have. We went to the same club we usually go to (we live in a fairly small town, so not too many good clubs to choose from) and met two old friends of Sarah´s that we decided to hang out with.

So we are on the dance floor enjoying ourself´s when this guy with a obvious “crush” on Sarah´s friend comes and tries to dance along. This is not an uncommon scene, but when you tell the guy that she has a boyfriend and wants you to leave, and he does not want to, it gets annoying. When we finally kicked him I can feel a guy rubbing up against me from behind. I turn around and the guy offers me 20.000 kr if he can have me for tonight… What in God´s name makes some guys (I said some, not all) think that this request is okey in any way?? Of course I told the guy that he could not afford me, and then got one of the guards to kick him out. Felt good actually, think my reaction was spot on and just right for the situation. After this we laughed a little about it and continued dancing. At this point the dance floor was really crowded, and a guy passes Sarah and decides to cop a feel up her skirt, probably the most pussy action he got all week. Sarah´s reaction was like taken out of a movie. She slapped the guy across the face and told him to fuck off, it was absolutely priceless.

After all this I was just drained from energy. All that time in “fight” mode just took it out of me completely. We decided to end our night shortly after that, and we all concluded this was a weird night. We still had a good time and Im glad every night out is not like this.



I am well aware that not all men are pigs, but the once that are give the good guys a bad reputation. And I guess the same goes for girls, Im afraid. But what makes some people think that they can say and do whatever they want? I think this is a very complex issue and we can blame culture or up bringing or environment or the friends we surround us with, but does that really condone bad behavior? Feel free to give me your opinion in the comment section.

By Berentzen.



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4 vegger.

4 vegger.

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Nytt medlem i crewet.
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