August 10

WARNING! Steer clear!


I do not like to write negative, and specially not about someone else´s business, but this just could not go unsaid. Last week I was unlucky enough to drop my phone, and the screen of course broke into a million peaces. I know this is a fairly common thing, but it has never happened to me before. So Saturday morning I go to this place at the mall that marked´s with changing of phone screens on the same day and usually within a few hours. The first thing I do is to ask if they can fix it and how much it costs. He answers with: No problem, the price is 2-300. I´m thinking wow thats amazing, there is hope. I wait for the other guy to run up my order and when I get my pick up note it says 2300. So right away because of this young kid´s communication skills (or lack there of) I felt ripped off, but I accepted cause I need my phone, pricy or not. The second guy tells me that they cant get it fixed during the day, but if I come back Monday afternoon it will be ready.

I survive the weekend with no phone, a little strange but its just two days. I go to pick up my phone and the guy cant even find it. He says that they repair my type of phone up the street, but they where closed now, so I had to come back tomorrow. This pissed me off cause they told me Monday, not maybe Monday, so what do they expect. Tuesday comes and I go in again and it´s still not finished, they called the repair place and he just could not get it done before he left work…. I mean com on!! How do they expect me to not be angry. The next day I was almost ready for war when I walk to the store, I thought to myself, If that phone is not finished I´m gonna loose it completely. Thankfully the phone was finished, and the phone looked great, but I thought to myself, enough is enough!!! I told the guy that I expected a discount on the price since they neglected to do their job like I was promised and that this had been the worst service experience I have had in a very long time. So he calls his manager who tells him not to give me anything…. I´m in shock! I stand still for a minute trying to wrap my head around what he just told me. He says he is very sorry and the only thing I can do to complain is to write an e-mail to the company. He would only give out his managers first name, no number, no last name, not even when I could reach him at work… At this point I decided to write the shit out of that e-mail and blog my ass of so that you can stay away from this place.

If amazes me how little some people know about costumer service (and of course I mean GOOD costumer service) when they run a business. Don´t they realize that making your costumers happy is at least half the job if you want to be successful. No matter how good you are at fixing phones (and charging for it too I might add) if you don´t make it a good experience for me, I as a costumer won´t be coming back EVER!! The reality is that I would have walked away happy with just 200 off my price, thats it! Farmandstredet Tønsberg steer clear, you have been warned!!


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4 vegger.

4 vegger.

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Nytt medlem i crewet.
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