September 19

Post surgery and work update.


So Ive been a bit silent for a few reasons. First of all I have had some surgery done (no nothing cosmetic) that was very needed. I had an accident 7 years ago and got a half metallic leg lol and now it was time to take out the metal. I was on the sofa for a week high on painkillers, so not to ramble to you like that I gave myself some time to recover. I just took the stitches out today and I can walk almost like normal.

The other reason Ive been a bit busy is that I just started my own business as a beauty consultant for Mary Kay. Allot to learn in the beginning so I have not been bored. For those of you that want to follow my Mary Kay business I have created a new blog dedicated only to beauty, skincare, makeup and Mary Kay so I don´t spam you guys here, I understand that not everyone likes makeup and just want to follow me privately, and now you can choose for yourself.

I hope you want to visit my business blog and my private web shop



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4 vegger.

4 vegger.

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Nytt medlem i crewet.
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