November 30

Day 3!


So I have had one of those days. You know the type of day where you spill your morning coffee all over yourself just before you are about to leave. Or as in my case, but a shit load of pepper in my oatmeal instead of cinnamon…. mmm thats a good start to the day!

But other then me having a little off day, my mind is just somewhere else today, but my diet is going great. I have been warned by my coach that it will get harder, but for now I´m ready, come what may!!

I actually started of my first diet week with a little victory in its self. Naturally I stepped on the scale and I´m offically under 100 kg, have not been there for over a year, so I am pretty excited about that. Probably cause I have been cutting sugar and salt completely from my diet for some weeks now, and cut carbs after 8pm too. Really good to start off like that and can´t wait for this journey to continue.



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4 vegger.

4 vegger.

Nytt medlem i crewet.

Nytt medlem i crewet.
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