November 7

Dear stupid people!


In advanced you are warned, this is not a happy post, which you may have guessed.

I am so sick and tired of people online acting like they just don´t give a fuck about other people at all. Like they don´t even realize that there is a real human being behind the screen names. For me this is for sure pointed at you males out there, and sorry for you good guys out there that gets sucked into this, I don´t hate you all, I promise.

What gives you the right to request to se my boobs just cause you like my pictures (of my face) on Instagram? Did your mother not teach you manners at all?? Is this the world we want to live in? Jeezes guys try to atleast pretend to respect us women before you go there. I get that you might be young, insecure and want to blow me away with a shocking opening line, but boy please. I´m a grown ass woman that actually respect myself, and I sure as hell don´t show my tits on request. Let´s leave that to the professionals aka the pornstars.

And no it does not help if you offer to show your dick in return. What would make you think I would even want to see your dick when I don´t have the wides idea who you are. If I wanted to see a random dick I would just watch some porn, you should try that next time, so you don´t bring your over-horny hormonal mindset to and Instagram conversation.

Rant by Berentzen


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