November 9

Passion for fashion.


I just could not help myself, I´m just too damn excited. I just got one of the most uplifting phone calls I have received in a very (VERY) long time. It was just two hours ago, I was on the bed with my mac watching an episode of Chicago med (not relevant, but still) when my phone rang. I did not know the number and answered without thinking anything of it. When I heard the voice of a girl that I just had an interview with two days ago my heart dropped. Thought to myself, this is the polite “you didnt get the job” call, but to my surprise she said there was no doubt that they wanted me as their assistant manager…. I didnt know if I should cry or laugh, I was so sure they had hired someone else cause they told me that they would call for second interviews today, and when I didnt hear anything, well I of course thought they found someone else. I guess they didnt need to interview me twice. I am over the moon happy, right now 🙂

vero moda

For those of you wondering, no I am not quitting my Mary Kay business, but it will be a part time thing that I will grow at the pace I have time for. I am really looking forward to starting up, I feel I get the best of both worlds, (or more all the “worlds” I love) fashion, makeup, hair, skincare and of course I will keep blogging for you guys, so you can follow my journey. I am going in on Friday morning to sign my contract, not sure when I start, but I´m guessing pretty soon. So come and see me at Vero Moda Farmanstredet!

Passion for fashion by Berentzen


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