December 20

Cheating day!


I have been at my diet for over three weeks now, and I feel pretty good. I had two days in Oslo this week and I struggled a bit there, just because I did not plan well enough and I did not have time to cook like I do at home. I took some shortcuts, but tried to not eat too much since I had to go off script, so to speak. I have also had my first cheat day (or just half a day) this Saturday since we had the yearly Christmas party with the Vera Moda girls. I had pizza and I drank alcohol, but stayed away from the candy and chips. Pizza was very good, but had no problem going back to my chicken and eggs the next day. I´m pretty damn proud actually.

On Sunday I had another meeting with my coach and we changed up my diet a little bit. I added a meal with vegetables or salad and a little chicken (yes thats right, I´m not vegan anymore, different story for another time) and I also end my days with egg whites. Other then that my diet is the same and I can feel my body responding to the food very well.

I am so grateful that I have gotten this chance to work with a guy that knows what he is talking about and actually motivates me. I don´t think I could be able to stick to this without him. I don´t know if its just him or that something has changed in me, but I am starting to believe I really can do this, with the support of my trainer of course.

Look him up on Facebook or Instagram, and his webpage is coming very soon!



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4 vegger.

4 vegger.

Nytt medlem i crewet.

Nytt medlem i crewet.
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