December 5

Day 7, still focused!


I have just completed day 7 of my new diet, and I´m feeling pretty proud of myself. I have only done a few things out of the box (the box in this case, my diet) and I think I have solved this week exceptionally well. I enjoy the food which is a plus for a food lover, and I enjoy how it makes me feel when I have control over my eating, instead of it having control over me. That is a huge step for me, since I as a diabetic think about food and insulin 24/7, to the part where it becomes stressful. And not having to “come up” with something for dinner and figure out what to shop for in the store is a nice change, I always know what to buy and what to eat.

Some may also think that getting a diet from a personal trainer or a training coach always means you need to take a shit load of supplements and protein shakes, you are wrong. The only supplements I take is vitamin D, cause my doctor always finds me low on it, vitamin C and Udo´s Choice oil, which you can see a picture of here below. Information about the oil you can find on and they also have a free recipe book or folder that you can order here

udo´s choice

I am ready for a new week still focused on my goals and my diet, good night peeps!!


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4 vegger.

4 vegger.

Nytt medlem i crewet.

Nytt medlem i crewet.
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