February 23

Words and expression


So we humans have a “million” of words and thoughts running through our minds every day. We are thinking and wondering beings and these words are our inner voice. But, have you ever thought of what happens when you have to express yourself in another language? Like for us Norwegians when we have to speak or write in English. Does your jokes come across? Does your personality show the real you? Do people even understand you? (hopefully they do) Can you get your point across the way you want to?

I have been thinking allot about this because I have been wondering if I should start writing my blog in Norwegian again. The reason for this is that I feel that my blog is more personal and more ME in my own language. I know I have allot of readers that don´t speak of read Norwegian, and I don´t want to let you guys down. I would like to know what you think? Should I keep it English or switch to Norwegian?

Words by Berentzen

Ps. My blue blouse is of course of Vero Moda, in store right now!


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