January 20

Night talk, day talk


New year, new breath. I took a break, I left for a minute, came back, took back, opened up. 1111 once again this morning. Storm of thankfulness and gratitude for still being in progress, still moving, still growing. Feeling every dust of my being thanking the universe for blessing me with all these special gift, and the ability to see and feel the path for me.

Take control, be fearless, take risks, think smart, be brave, be free, dream your ass off, use your imagination, be kind, be grateful, LOVE, love meaningful, love unconditionally, love always, respect all, leave your comfort zone, find peace, take care of them, take care of you.

1111 again, keep seeing, keep hearing, keep feeling. Take charge, take responsibility, take your mind to new places. Do things you have never done, do something that scars you, do something you really fear. Take yourself to new hights, express yourself, express your true self. Remind yourself every day that you are fit for greatness, that you can break any limitations you may think you have. You have the power and strength to overcome anything life gives you, cause you created it, you made it happen. When you realize that you create all, you control all and you are all. Use your complex brain to se and feel all that your heart desires. You are extraordinary, you are the universe.

Today the words just came out english for some reason, but now for all my readers that have been kicking themselves for not being able to read my post in Norwegian, but I now have a translate option on my site.

Night talk by Berentzen



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