March 1

How I start my day


The best self love you can give your self is a good start to your day. If you use the first hour after you open your eyes for the day to set the right tone for you ideal day, you will be amazed how it effects the rest of your day. Don´t grab for the phone on habit  to scroll social media or turn on the tv to watch the news. Im not going to list all the negative side effects of starting your morning on the wrong foot so to speak.

I like to use at least the first 10 min of my day meditating. Already before I even realize that I am awake I put on a short or longer meditation audio or I start my gratitude mantra in my own head. I love the mornings when I can meditate for a good 30 min followed by some cuddles in bed with my dear ones.

This is what I do next


After my bloodsugar is checked I get my tush to the kitchen. The absolute first thing I intake on an empty stomach is celery juice. I actually don´t like the taste of celery at all, but when I know it has such positive benefits on my heath, I find a way to just get it down. Surprisingly enough it gets easier every day.

To be effective with my time, and not have to juice and clean the juicer every morning, I usually juice a few packets when Im at it. The juice is just as good from the bottle the days after, but just remember to shake it well before you drink. I drink the juice of around one small packet of celery every time, which is a big glass, between 2-3 dl. After this I get my supplements that I take.jeg tar. At the moment I take something called Lions mane, which is  a mushroom supplement that has alot of benefit.

  • Improves brain health
  • Improves digestive heath
  • Fights anxiety and depression
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Improves enery

The list goes on. I also always take a multi vitamin and D-vitamin (now I have one in drop form that that take in my smoothie. My last supplement that I take every day is olive leaf extract. This also have alot of good health benefits, but I take it now to test is it changes anything when it comes to insulin resistance in my body.

After this I might drink coffee some days or I go for my favorite a sweet smoothie. Its better then candy <3 <3

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