May 4

4 days without food.


Not that many years ago, I had a strong belief that I could not go more than a few hours without food or insulin. I actually identified food and insulin as my lifeline and my safety; the two things that was keeping me alive. I thought no human being with type 1 diabetes could ever do a water fast. This belief has slowly shifted over the years as I have tried a few juice cleanses and gone more than a few hours, without having any food. 

I remember very clearly the first time me and Diana had a talk about Diabetes, and the fact that I have had this condition since i was 10 years old. The feeling she gave me when she told me she could help me heal completely, was a rush of excitement that I had never felt before. I knew she had healed serious issues with her own body, and I was convinced that if someone could help me, it was her.

Entering into these first days of fasting in the FJ Experience, I was curious about how my body would handle 4 days with only water. Questions started to run through my mind, as we were about to start. How hungry would I be? How much insulin would my body need without food? Would my blood sugar get too high, or too low? With the help of Diana´s guidence I decided to trust myself, and my own body, and have faith that this would work-out perfectly. 

I made a choice from the first day to cut out one of my medications completely. This is the insulin I use for meals, so since there were no meals, I saw no need for it. I usually take 25 units of my nightly insulin, but decided to cut this one slowly day-by-day to see how I would react. The first night I reduced 7 and had a little dip in my blood sugar in the middle of the night, so I decided to reduce 4 more the following night. This night I also had a dip that my body took care of on its own, like the night before. The third night I cut 6 more units and was now down from 25 to only 8, which is in my eyes incredible. Since my sugar in the day time also had been almost perfect the whole time, you would think I was satisfied. My curiosity grew and I wondered how I would do, without insulin at all. So after only 8 units Friday night, on Saturday I took nothing. I almost could not believe the results. After just that little injection Friday night, my whole weekend was almost completely perfect. This was extraordinary!

The funny thing is that I have not been that hungry either. I have had a few moments where I wanted food, but they passed quickly, when I reminded my body why I am doing this, and reset my mind to my goal. We also used a fasting app during these days, where you set your goal on a timer. This gave me allot of motivation to see that timer, especially when we got beyond the halfway mark. My excitement grew with every hour passing.

During the fast I also had my first private session with Diana. This was an experience like nothing I have ever encountered in my lifetime. She guided me through an activation that completely shifted my energy. The feeling of grounding and expansion all at once was remarkable. What she did with me in this short session left me clear, focused and glowing for days.

Diana encouraged us during these days to take note of what came up for us in regards to food. I found myself taking inventory of what my relationship with food had been like, over the years. I was aware that I have been an emotional eater for a number of years, but as I learned to feel and digest my emotions, this need stopped. My realization came when I saw that I had been clinging to certain foods just for the satisfaction. I could see that some of the foods are things I had in my childhood, and other foods are just for the satisfaction of the taste. Do not get me wrong, I want my food to taste good, but the focus point of eating should be to nourish your body, and do right by it. The beliefs I had has completely been shattered and I know longer feel that I am addicted to my food or my medicine. Going a longer period without eating really does give perspective on what your relationship with food really is. 
Here is where you can connect with Diana Ravagli, if you are curious about the FJ experience, and what I am going through, with her support; she will answer your questions.


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