May 14

Improving life


In the beginning of the FJ experience I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The only information I had was that we were starting with a 4 day fast, and that Platinum Health (Purium) products would be used, the remaining days. In spite of that, my intuition told me this was something I could not reject. With my blind faith and complete trust in Diana, I took the leap and jumped in!

Now that I have gained some momentum in this experience, I can’t help but to feel extreme gratitude towards Diana. The work that she does with holding space and supporting every single one of us in the group, is fantastic. We get clear instructions from her every single day on what to do. In addition to that, she tunes in energetically to each one of us to fine tune what we personally need. If we have any questions, she is always there to give guidance and answers. I truly could not have asked for a better teacher through this upgrade in living as a human being. 

These first two weeks of The FJ Experience have been challenging, but the rewards are much greater than I ever could have anticipated. I kicked motivation to the curve because I have gained strength and inspiration to take on tasks I have been putting off for ages, and finished them with ease. My blood sugar regulation is better than I have ever had, in my 25 years with diabetes. So far, my feeling is that life simply flows a lot better. In my opinion, Diana’s courses should be mandatory for every human being looking to live a life, of their own blissful choosing.

I highly recommend you to contact Diana Ravagli if you are interested to know how she can help you improve your own way of living. I have not regretted for a minute joining this 40 day experience that has already changed my life forever. I can’t wait to see what other goodness this experience presents.

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